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January 26, 2024

The Haida Canoe Revitalization Group was recently awarded a grant to partially fund the documentation of an ancient canoe in Haida territory on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. The project, Kasaan Canoe Documentation Project: Unlocking the Wisdom of an Ancient Canoe, will send a team of experts to the site of a prehistoric canoe in order to document what remains before it goes back to the earth. The canoe is an unfinished dugout red cedar log which is covered in moss and unrecognizable to a layman, but a vital historical object which can provide clues to modern carvers who have no clear extant examples of a pre-steamed Haida canoe available for study.

Once photographed, measured, and modeled in 3D using photogrammetry, information will be shared within the canoe's own territory in Kasaan, Alaska, in San Francisco, and online.

The Maritime Heritage Grant has been made available through the State of Alaska's Historic Preservation Office. It is a matching grant, which means that HCRG will be providing a combination of volunteer hours and funding worth at least the equivalent of the award amount. Please specify with your donation if you intend for it to supplement this project.

"To preserve and interpret Alaska's rich maritime heritage the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the State Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAM) announce the launch of the Alaska Maritime Heritage Preservation Program. This program is designed to protect Alaska's maritime resources and advance public awareness of Alaska's nationally significant maritime properties, collections, traditional skills, and knowledge."

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